Benefits o​f Tivogo

We are obviously super biased and cant think why anyone wouldn't  want to be part of the Tivogo community! 

Of course we are learning new things everyday and trying our best to incorporate our users feedback into our roadmap. So for now here is what we believe are the benefits for both individuals and organizations. ​ 

Never lose anyone's contact info

Your Tivogo linked contacts are continuosly updated and never get outdated (as long as the other users continues being a Tivogan, or removes your access to them).


 Benefits for organizations

What is the lifetime value of a customer worth to you? Customer databases decays at approximately 30% per annum on average! If you are able to entice your customers or prospects to share their data with you on Tivogo, as long as you respect their privacy you should never lose these customers contact details.


 Benefits for individuals

Tivogo mission is to assist the rightful owner of the relevant data to  achieve the full finanic​​ial benefits and rights of privacy relating to the aforestated personal data. A large number of big tech business benefits from your data without you receiving any financial compensation,as well as having your rights of privacy invaded.


Privacy Protection

Coming up with solutions to online privacy is a big part of what we are passionate about, and we will continue to explore ways of protecting people from invasion of their rights to privacy. 
A part  of this is the ongoing education of informing different audiences what their rights are, and how to avoid privacy invasion. 

Back to basics 

Technology has changed the way the world operates.There is no doubt about that. 

We are just wondering whether it is becoming a little bit too complicated? 

We hope that Tivogo will help simplify your life a bit. 

Please use the time that we save you wisely. Do things you love with the people you love. Be kind and caring and generous. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey.